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Lowveld Mpumalanga News Headlines

Hyaena attack at Crocodile Bridge read all about it
Wild Dog Pack wiped out by Canine Distemper ..more
Poachers shot and killed in Kruger Park ..more
Ranger loses life in Kruger Park shooting ..more

Lowveld Mpumalanga Blog

Do not feed the animals in the Kruger National Park read all about it
10 places not to miss when visiting the Lowveld. ..more
How wolves change rivers ..more
Ibis Hadeda ..more
Helmeted Guinea Fowl ..more

Lowveld Mpumalanga sights and sounds

10 things to do and see in Kaapschehoop that won't break the bank..more
President Paul Kruger established the Sabie River game reserve in 1898...more
The Boer War took place from 1899 - 1902 in the Transvaal Republic. The Lowveld was the scene of many a boer war tale...more
In Mpumalanga you can take part in big game safari's be they game viewing, photographic or hunting safa..more
Gold was first found in 1873 on the farms Geelhout boom and Graskop, east of Lydenburg..more